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What's Agrizone?

BMR was already known for its quality building supplies and other home renovation products, and BMR launched Agrizone in January 2010. This new line of products is designed to cater to the needs of farmers. Grouped under the name Agrizone are more than 3,600 products related to agriculture and available in 55 BMR stores. From work clothes and farm hardware, to a dairy brush or forest equipment, Agrizone brings together high-quality products offered at competitive prices.

Well aware that agriculture is an economic pillar, BMR has the same long-term vision for its line of farming products that led to the success in the hardware, lumber and building materials industry! Winchester BMR supports small and large Agricultural customers with a full line of products on Agrizone. In addition to the wide variety of products available through Agrizone, Winchester BMR is a distributor for:


Dairy Products

Ecolab Dairy | Udder Wash and Teat Dip products
Hypred Dairy | Udder Wash and Teat Dip products
Udder Comfort | Teat Dips And Lotions
Winchester BMR, Ontario, Winchester

Maple Products

Think Winchester BMR for all your Maple Producing needs.
Winchester BMR is a member of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers’ Association (OMSPA).

We carry a full line of maple production supplies including buckets, taps, pipeline, cans and OMSPA jugs, Glass Bottles and storage barrels, filters and media cleaners, evaporators, finishing pans, snowshoes and more. We handle CDL, DSD, Tole Inox, SCP Science, Atelier Pruno and Leader maple supplies and equipment. Shop our store for a full line of On The Bend – Sugar Shack Products.

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